Dr Alex Kirichek

Engineering (Cum Laude). After his graduation, Alex conducted a multidisciplinary PhD research in Applied Geophysics at TU Delft, where he developed novel geophysical surveying methods. Later, he carried out postdoctoral research testing cost-effective maintenance strategies for ports and waterways with mud. Currently, he is working as a Researcher/Advisor at Deltares bridging a gap between applied research and practice.

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Articles By Dr Alex Kirichek

Monitoring of settling and consolidation of mud after water injection dredging in the Calandkanaal

As regular maintenance and relocation of sediment deposits are highly expensive, Port authorities seek more efficient solutions for reducing the costs and CO2 emissions of maintenance dredging. One solution, water injection dredging (WID), is carried out for maintaining the sediment deposits which predominantly consist of clay and silt. WID has been proven to be a cheaper solution by leaving the sediment in place, eliminating substantial costs for relocation of the dredged sediment.

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How navigable are fluid mud layers?

Safe navigation through ports and waterways is determined by the space available under a ship's keel, but a seabed of fluid mud can get in the way.

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