Dr Claire Chassagne

With a background in physics and mathematics, Claire specialised in colloid science. Her work focuses in particular on the use of electrokinetic techniques (electrophoresis, impedance spectroscopy, electroacoutics) to characterise colloidal suspensions and sand/mud layers. In her current position as assistant professor at the Delft University of Technology, she specialised in the physico-chemistry of clays. Over the years, she has demonstrated that colloid science and electrokinetics can provide useful information about the behaviour of clays and in particular explain their cohesive properties in given environmental conditions. At present this knowledge is parametrised in view of being integrated in large-scale sediment transport, deposition, consolidation and erosion models

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Articles By Dr Claire Chassagne

How navigable are fluid mud layers?

Safe navigation through ports and waterways is determined by the space available under a ship's keel, but a seabed of fluid mud can get in the way.

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