A Guide to Cost Standards for Dredging Equipment 2009
A joint venture between IADC and CIRIA, the publication A guide to cost standards for dredging equipment 2009 offers a benchmark to establish the capital and related costs of various types of dredging plant and equipment commonly in use within the industry.
Adverse Physical Conditions & The Experienced Contractor
How can contractors and clients avoid lawyers, claims and recourse to the courts to solve disputes? All these subjects are touched upon in David Kinlan’s book.
Indexation 2019
Annual Indexation (2019): A guide to cost standards for dredging equipment 2009
The annual indexation (2019) for A guide to cost standards for dredging equipment 2009 is available.
Annual Report 2018
In this “Annual Report” the Board gives an overview of the state of affairs of IADC and its activities in 2018.
Beyond Sand & Sea
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the IADC, a limited edition book 'Beyond Sand & Sea' was released. It shows the last 50 years of dredging achievements as depicted through 50 iconic projects.
Biological Assessment Guidance for Dredged Material
A decision-making framework shows how to distinguish minimally hazardous sediments from those requiring special treatment.
Construction and Survey Accuracies for the Execution of Dredging and Stone Dumping Works
An extensive study on accuracies in dredging and stone dumping works provides information for those who make the contract specifications or monitor the works.
Deltas on the move
An exploration on the potential for soft, system-based measures in deltas.