Ronald Rutgers

Since 2009, Ronald has worked for the Port of Rotterdam. At the moment, he works at its department Asset Management Constructions & Dredging. He is responsible for sediment management at the Port of Rotterdam and in particular the Confined Disposal Facility the Slufter. He worked on multiple pilots regarding Water Injection Dredging and is involved in the port’s Programme Innovative Sediment Management (PRISMA). He holds an MSc in Hydrology and Water quality from Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

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Articles By Ronald Rutgers

Monitoring of settling and consolidation of mud after water injection dredging in the Calandkanaal

As regular maintenance and relocation of sediment deposits are highly expensive, Port authorities seek more efficient solutions for reducing the costs and CO2 emissions of maintenance dredging. One solution, water injection dredging (WID), is carried out for maintaining the sediment deposits which predominantly consist of clay and silt. WID has been proven to be a cheaper solution by leaving the sediment in place, eliminating substantial costs for relocation of the dredged sediment.

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