Safety is a top priority for all IADC member companies. To safeguard employees and involved parties, IADC has established a safety committee that enables its members to share best practices amongst its members.

The members embrace their leading role in improving safety within the industry, both directly through the members and indirectly through the supply chain. When it comes to safety, the members consider themselves partners and not competitors.

The committee shares incidents so that members learn from each other prevent the same mistake happening twice. Accidents are often the impetus to improve procedures and working methods, and analysing them results in a safer working environment. The committee began a discussion on the safety in shipyards. Multiple initiatives to tackle common challenges and formulate solutions have since been taken by individual members and shared amongst committee members.

Safety Award

Each year IADC rewards dredging companies with a Safety Award for outstanding initiatives. There is a separate award for companies in the supply chain. With these awards IADC aims to further stimulate safe working practices and conditions in dredging companies and their suppliers.


Publications on the topic of safety, like Terra et Aqua articles, safety flashes or Safety Award nominations are frequently downloaded from the website. You can read more via this link.


  • Mr K Huybrechts
  • Mr C. Leroy
  • Mr T. van de Minkelis
  • Mr J. Schoonwater

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