IADC depends in many instances on the input of its members. To that end, several committees have been established. These include the following committees:

Public Relations Committee

  • Mr R. de Bruin
  • Ms V. Cosemans
  • Ms H. Schellinck
  • Mr A. Schikker
Dredging in Figures Committee

Dredging in Figures Committee

  • Mr M. Kaatman
  • Mr J. van Thiel de Vries
  • Mr M. Dewint
  • Mr S. Poppe
Registered Plant Committee

Registered Plant Committee

  • Mr J. van Acker
  • Mr K. Bovyn
  • Mr M. Cox
  • Mr M. Genetello
  • Mr G. Griep
  • Mr G. Jansen
  • Mr S. Kranendonk
Safety Committee

Safety Committee

  • Mr K. Huybrechts
  • Mr C. Leroy
  • Mr T. van de Minkelis
  • Ms N. Bel

Legal Committee

  • Mr J. Haak
  • Mr T. Lenaerts
  • Mr P. van der Linde
  • Mr K. Levrau
  • Mr T. Maddock

Indexation Cost Standards Committee

  • Mr A. Beyst
  • Mr M. De Boom
  • Mr M. Cox
  • Mr E. Van Haaren
  • Mr P. Loef
  • Mr F. Vivile

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