The IADC depends in many instances on the input of its members. To that end, several committees have been established. These include the following committees:

Public Relations Committee

Mr R. de Bruin

Ms V. Cosemans

Ms H. Schellinck

Mr A. Schikker

Dredging in Figures Committee
Dredging in Figures Committee Mr I. Daemen Mr J. van Thiel de Vries Mr M. Dewint Mr S. Poppe
Registered Plant Committee
Registered Plant Committee Mr A. Beyst Mr K. Bovyn Mr M. Genetello Mr G. Griep Mr G. Jansen Mr A. Kamsteeg Mr S. Kranendonk
Safety Committee
Safety Committee Mr K. Huybrechts Mr C. Leroy Mr T. van de Minkelis Ms J van Vugt
Legal Committee Mr J. Haak Mr T. Lenaerts Mr P. van der Linde Mr K. Levrau Mr T. Maddock
Indexation Cost Standards Committee Mr A. Beyst Mr M. De Boom Mr E. Van Haaren Mr A. Kamsteeg Mr P. Loef Mr F. Vivile

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