Dr Kox, Martine

Dr Martine Kox is a Junior Research/Adviser at Deltares, in the Netherlands. She completed an MSc degree in Environmental Biology at Utrecht University and obtained her PhD in Environmental Microbiology at Radboud University. During her PhD, Dr Kox studied the ecology of microorganisms occurring in peatlands, focusing on greenhouse gas emissions and nitrogen cycling. Within Deltares Martine applies her knowledge of microbiology to improve sediment characteristics, water and health and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Articles By Dr Kox, Martine

Bio-Engineering Sediment Management And Removal of Turbidity Technologies: BESMART Technologies

At Deltares in the Netherlands, a research team is developing a portfolio of technologies dedicated to the management of the finest and most challenging fraction of soft sediments. These technologies may unambiguously be called nature based because they make use of natural processes to enhance dewatering and strengthening, induce flocculation and the settling of fines, and protect the muddy bed from erosion.

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