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Articles in this issue

Integrating dredging in sustainable development

The International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) aims to inform the world about the fundamental need for dredging as well as advocating for an industry that makes the world a safer, better and more sustainable place to live. Adapted from the second chapter of the book, Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure (2018), this article presents the concept of sustainability in relation to dredging projects. It describes the approaches and practices that are key to using dredging and dredge material to create more sustainable solutions and infrastructure – a modern way of thinking about dredging.

Sand as a resource: Best practices to conduct responsible dredging projects

On 5 September 2023, IADC published a
paper by the same name in response to a 2022 United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) report “Sand and sustainability: 10 strategic recommendations to avert a crisis”. In this report, UNEP calls for actions to set the global sand agenda in addressing environmental needs alongside justice, equity, technical, economic and political considerations. IADC’s paper highlights the dredging industry’s best practices for optimal use of scarce sand resources. This article is a condensed version of that paper.

Finding innovative solutions to improve safety

When individual employees, teams and companies view everyday processes and situations through a continuous lens of safety, they can each contribute to making all aspects of operational processes, whether on water or land, safer. For the 2023 Safety Awards, IADC’s Safety Committee received nine submissions. Each one is assessed on five different categories; sustainability; level of impact on the industry; simplicity in use; effectiveness; and level of innovation.

Published October 2023