Are you interested in submitting an article to Terra et Aqua, the quarterly publication of the International Association of Dredging Companies?


Terra et Aqua is an educational and professional resource which features cutting-edge innovations to disseminate knowledge throughout the dredging industry. Are you an author, researcher or expert in dredging or a related field? Do you want to share your innovative research, papers or publications with the dredging industry?

Please submit your proposals to the editor at for consideration.


Terra et Aqua covers the fields of civil, hydraulic and mechanical engineering including the technical, economic and environmental aspects of dredging. Developments in the state of the art of the industry as well as other topics from the industry’s related sectors will be highlighted. Experts in the field of dredging and its related sectors as well as students and young professionals are encouraged to submit articles based on their research.

Terra et Aqua’s articles are published in English.

Please follow this checklist of requirements for submissions:

  • Articles of 3000-7000 words should be submitted as a PDF and a Word Document which can be edited.
  • If equations are included in your article, please also send a separate Word Document which can be edited with equations formatted correctly in Cambria Math font.
  • Photographs, graphics and illustrations are to be submitted with the article. Digital photographs should be of the highest possible resolution (300 dpi and at least 1 MB). Do not paste images inside a Word Document. Please send as individual files in JPG, PNG or EPS format.
  • With the article submission, each author should submit a biography (approximately 100-200 words) and a high resolution portrait (300 dpi and at least 1 MB).

By submitting an article authors grant IADC permission to publish said article in both the printed and digital versions of Terra et Aqua without limitations and remunerations. Articles are reviewed by the Editorial Advisory Committee (EAC). Publication of an article is subject to approval by the EAC. Articles featured in Terra et Aqua do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the IADC Board of Directors or of individual members.


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