Mark Johnson

Mark has worked for 35 years in various roles for the Environment Agency and its predecessor organisations. For the majority of
this time he has been focused on the East Anglian Coast. During the last 14 years he has overseen delivery of many large flood and coastal erosion risk management projects, many of which have realised multiple benefits for the protection of people and property, important wildlife sites and rural land. Mark has been actively working with various groups on the East Anglian coast to help progress projects where partnership approaches are pivotal in helping to address the challenges of the UK coast. He has been the Chairman of the East Anglia Coastal Group (EACG) since 2012 and chaired elected members during the development phase of the Shoreline Management Plans.

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Articles By Mark Johnson

From idea to reality: the UK’s first Sandscaping project

The Bacton Sandscaping scheme is a large-scale beach nourishment designed to protect the Bacton Gas Terminal from cliff and beach erosion while also reducing flood and erosion risk to the communities of Bacton and Walcott, buying the time they need for adaptation to coastal change.

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