Robert J.W. Goodliffe

Rob is a Coastal Manager for North Norfolk District Council/Coastal Partnership East working across local authorities on the Norfolk and Suffolk coasts. Rob works with communities and organisations to deliver practical coastal management approaches for business and communities including traditional coast protection and pioneering coastal change adaptation projects. Rob entered the coastal management field to deliver innovative adaptation projects, such as the relocation of business and community assets and purchase and relocation of at risk homes. He has since developed opportunities and funding packages for coastal protection and maintenance schemes and, more recently, has lead North Norfolk District Councils role in the development and delivery of a UK first Sandscaping scheme to protect communities and major national gas infrastructure. Rob holds a BSc honours degree from Wye College/Imperial College London, Institute of Leadership and Management certificate alongside a breath of experiences ranging from tourism, environmental management, public open space management, planning policy and coastal management.

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Articles By Robert J.W. Goodliffe

From idea to reality: the UK’s first Sandscaping project

The Bacton Sandscaping scheme is a large-scale beach nourishment designed to protect the Bacton Gas Terminal from cliff and beach erosion while also reducing flood and erosion risk to the communities of Bacton and Walcott, buying the time they need for adaptation to coastal change.

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