From idea to reality: the UK’s first Sandscaping project

The Bacton Sandscaping scheme is a large-scale beach nourishment designed to protect the Bacton Gas Terminal from cliff and beach erosion while also reducing flood and erosion risk to the communities of Bacton and Walcott, buying the time they need for adaptation to coastal change.

CEDA and IADC launch new Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure Course

Date set for 1st CEDA-IADC Course “Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure”! 1-2 December 2020, The Netherlands

Online Course ‘Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure’

Learn how to achieve dredging projects that fulfil primary functional requirements while adding value to the natural and socio-economic systems by acquiring an understanding of these systems in the context of dredging as well as stakeholder engagement throughout a project’s development.

Interview: Henk Nieboer

After 30 years at Witteveen+Bos, Henk Nieboer has moved on from the engineering and consultancy firm to focus his expertise into his current roles as director of EcoShape and founder of Adaelta.

Can a ‘Mud Motor’ of dredged sediment help enhance salt marsh development naturally?

Following the Building with Nature concept, a pilot study was conducted introducing finegrained dredged sediments as a semicontinuous source of mud into a shallow tidal channel, naturally dispersing sediment to nearby mudflats and salt marshes.

New article: The Mud Motor

12 September 2019 - The Mud Motor. A beneficial use of dredged sediment to enhance salt marsh development.  An innovative approach to beneficially re-use dredged sediment to enhance salt marsh development was tested by a ‘Mud Motor’. A Mud Motor is a dredged sediment disposal method in which a semi-continuous source of mud in a shallow tidal channel allows natural processes to disperse sediment to nearby mudfl

Can a lake’s ecology be restored with unwanted sediment?
Can a lake’s ecology be restored with unwanted sediment?

In collaboration with the Natuurmonumenten (the Dutch Society for the Preservation of Nature), Boskalis constructed the Marker Wadden. The archipelago situated within the Markermeer enables processes which revitalise the natural ecology.

Fehmarnbelt: A green link between Germany and Denmark
Fehmarnbelt: A green link between Germany and Denmark

To connect Scandinavia with Germany, the world’s longest immersed tunnel will be built. The Fehmarnbelt will close a major gap in the European transport network while fostering the development of new nature and recreational landscapes.