Jaap Flikweert

Jaap is a flood and coastal management advisor and a Leading Professional with Royal HaskoningDHV, and a Fellow of CIWEM. He has twenty-five years of experience in flood and coastal management, in the Netherlands, the UK and worldwide. Jaap’s career started in 1994, working from the Netherlands until 2004 and based in the United Kingdom since then. His expertise covers flood and coastal management: from detailed design to strategy and policy level, as well as planning, preparation, protection and response. He produced the guidance for the statutory flood defence assessment in the Netherlands; led three of the 20 Shoreline Management Plans for England and the review of flood defence performance after several of the recent floods in the UK (including Winter 2015/16); and established the method that the US Army Corps of Engineers applied to incorporate resilience in New Orleans’ levees after Katrina. Jaap is the technical lead for the Sandscaping initiative that aims to introduce Dutch Building with Nature concepts into the UK. He led the RHDHV team that developed the design, Environmental Impact Assessment, business case and monitoring plan for the Bacton to Walcott Sandscaping scheme.

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Articles By Jaap Flikweert

From idea to reality: the UK’s first Sandscaping project

The Bacton Sandscaping scheme is a large-scale beach nourishment designed to protect the Bacton Gas Terminal from cliff and beach erosion while also reducing flood and erosion risk to the communities of Bacton and Walcott, buying the time they need for adaptation to coastal change.

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