Gökhan Doygun

Gökhan is a Senior Commercial Advisor at Shell and is currently working as Opportunity Lead/ Commercial Lead on Energy Transition projects in the Netherlands and in the UK Southern North Sea. He played a key leading role, as the Business Opportunity Manager(BOM) acting on behalf of Shell UK, in the success of the public and private collaboration for the joint protection of the nationally critical infrastructure Bacton Gas Terminal and the adjacent Bacton & Walcott villages – UK’s first ‘Sandscaping’ solution for Bacton to Walcott Coastal Management Scheme.

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Articles By Gökhan Doygun

From idea to reality: the UK’s first Sandscaping project

The Bacton Sandscaping scheme is a large-scale beach nourishment designed to protect the Bacton Gas Terminal from cliff and beach erosion while also reducing flood and erosion risk to the communities of Bacton and Walcott, buying the time they need for adaptation to coastal change.

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