Side stone-dumping vessels are used for transporting and placing rock and boulders in maritime and fluvial locations.

Work method of Side stone-dumping vessels

The most modern side stone-dumping vessels are sea going and self-propelled. They sail at sufficient speed so that can pick up their loads directly at the stone quarry. This eliminates the need for offshore transshipment from supply barges.
The stone is loaded into compartments on the extremely strong, reinforced deck and the vessel sails to its destination, where dozer blades push the rock over the sides of the vessel and deposit the stone accurately in the water with the aid of a positioning system.
Side stone-dumping vessels are usually provided with a means of maintaining their position accurately while discharge is taking place such as bow thrusters which make the ship more manoeuvrable. Most modern vessels have dynamic positioning systems which allow safe operation at close proximity to offshore platforms and structures.


Side stone-dumping vessels are used for marine engineering projects all over the world and can handle heavy weight material that needs placement at great depths. They are also used for breakwater construction or coastal defence projects.

Types of material

Rocks of all types and sizes weighing hundreds of kilos and concrete blocks are able to be handled by these vessels.

Project applications

They are typically used for scour protection of offshore wind turbines and offshore rigs, to construct breakwaters or to install rock for subsea pipeline protection.

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