Dredging vessels and equipment come in a variety of specialised types, large and small, but nowadays most are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies.

Enormous trailing suction hopper and cutter suction dredgers attract a great deal of attention. Yet, new dredging vessels also can be small enough to be modular, portable equipment – pontoons, jetties and multicats for instance – that can be truck hauled to a work site.
What both the larger and smaller vessels have in common is state-of-the-art improvements involving technologies such as:

  • suction pipes,
  • pumps and submersible pumps
  • dredge line components,
  • automation,
  • monitoring systems
  • dynamic position and tracking systems.



Simulators form a separate category of auxiliary dredging equipment. Modern, innovative dredging machinery requires well-trained personnel. Training simulators have therefore been developed for trailer and cutter operators and other types of equipment to advance the dredging competences of the crew, in a safe environment, before they begin operating on board the high-tech vessels at sea.

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