Nguyen van Ngoc

Nguyen van Ngoc is Professor and Dean of the Hydraulic Engineering Faculty, Vietnam Maritime University. He was director of the Maritime Construction Development and Consultant Center and has more than 30 years of experience in dealing with soft soil conditions around the northern coastal area of Vietnam. He focuses on geotechnical and foundation engineering for port development and has been working as project manager for many big port development projects in Vietnam such as Haiphong Port, Dinh Vu Port, Nam Dinh Vu sea dike.


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Articles By Nguyen van Ngoc

Subsoil Improvement Works at DVIZ, Haiphong, Vietnam
Subsoil Improvement Works at DVIZ, Haiphong, Vietnam

As Vietnam seeks a balance between preserving land for agriculture and finding space for industry, creating new land is one solution. But waiting for subsoil to settle naturally at reclamation sites is time-consuming and costly.

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