Alice Montulet

Alice Montulet is working as a geologist for Dinh Vu Industrial Zone (DVIZ) in Vietnam which is under management of a consortium of Haiphong city and Rent-a-Port (Belgium). She is responsible for subsoil consolidation and design of PVD for new projects as well as the follow up of currently ongoing projects. She holds a MSc in Geological Engineering from the University of Liège (2008). Before coming to Vietnam, she was working as a Project Engineer in several countries in Europe.

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Articles By Alice Montulet

Subsoil Improvement Works at DVIZ, Haiphong, Vietnam
Subsoil Improvement Works at DVIZ, Haiphong, Vietnam

As Vietnam seeks a balance between preserving land for agriculture and finding space for industry, creating new land is one solution. But waiting for subsoil to settle naturally at reclamation sites is time-consuming and costly.

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