Jan Fordeyn

Jan studied at the University of Ghent and graduated as a naval architect in 1994. Since 2007, he has helped develop projects around the world that fall outside the classic canon of marine construction and whose result relies on the symbiosis of different disciplines. As such, he maintains close relations with experts, consultants, universities and manages several innovation projects.

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Articles By Jan Fordeyn

Sand as a resource: Best practices to conduct responsible dredging projects

On 5 September 2023, IADC published a paper by the same name in response to a 2022 United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) report “Sand and sustainability: 10 strategic recommendations to avert a crisis”. In this report, UNEP calls for actions to set the global sand agenda in addressing environmental needs alongside justice, equity, technical, economic and political considerations. IADC’s paper highlights the dredging industry’s best practices for optimal use of scarce sand resources. This article is a condensed version of that paper.

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Coastbusters: A nature-based solutions coastal management alternative

Taking a fresh look at traditional, unsustainable coastal defence methods. A pioneering project discovers some inspiring concepts, including using biogenic reefs for ecosystem-based flood defence.

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Ecosystem services assessment of the Prins Hendrik Zanddijk

This study examines which and, if possible, how much more ecosystem services are provided by the most recent nature inspired coastal protection project Prins Hendrik Zanddijk, in comparison with a traditional concrete and asphalt construction.

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