Why should dredging professionals register for an IADC Dredging Seminar?

Why should dredging professionals register for an IADC Dredging Seminar?
Course Leader Pieter den Ridder explains.

Singapore hosts IADC Seminar on Dredging and Reclamation in October 2020

To optimise the chances of the successful completion of a project, contracting parties should, from the start, fully understand the requirements of a dredging project. IADC’s five-day seminar strives to provide an understanding of the basics of dredging through lectures and workshops which are given by industry experts in a classroom setting for a hands-on […]

Ms Cao Lei, Engineer at the CCCC National Engineering Research Centre of Dredging Technology and Equipment in Shanghai, China
IADC’s activities 2018-2019 (presented at the Annual General Meeting)

At the IADC 2019 Annual General Meeting, the association showed a video with its activities over the last year. Interested to know more, watch this video now!

Should the dredging industry establish common standards for crew transfers?

Crews routinely perform vesseltovessel transfers, ensuring a project continues seamlessly. But the operation is not risk free. A roundtable of IADC members shared ideas on how to improve procedures to make crew transfers safer.

Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure
Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure

The book Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure gives state-of-the-art guidance on how to design, implement and manage a water infrastructure project with a dredging component to project owners, regulators, consultants, designers and contractors.

Board of directors

The IADC Board oversees the Association’s activities and is comprised of: