Wolfgang Dasch

Wolfgang Dasch graduated in organic chemistry in 1977 from the Christian Albrechts University, Kiel, Germany. He received his PhD in physical chemistry in 1982. After a period at the Institute for Applied Physics, department of Maritime Measurement Technology, he entered the industry for R&D of sensors. In 1992 he joined the Technical University of Hamburg, department of Maritime Technology, working on the measurement of sedimentation and erosion processes. In 1997 he founded a consulting bureau working primarily on sensor R&D and rheological sediment characterisation with the Nautisonde system.

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Articles By Wolfgang Dasch

Isoviscs as Useful Parameters for Describing Sedimentation
Isoviscs as Useful Parameters for Describing Sedimentation

A newly developed procedure to determine the nautical horizon in a typical Fluid-Mud Region is compared with more conventional procedures.

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