Paris Sansoglou

Paris holds a degree of Commercial Engineer from the Solvay Business School (Brussels), complemented with degrees in Environmental Studies (ULB, Brussels), Business Informatics (VUB, Brussels) and Financial Analysis (CIAF, Brussels) and is a member of the European and the Belgian Associations of Financial Analysts (ABAFBVFA). He has worked at the European Commission (Eurostat) and ran the secretariat of the European Technology Platform WATERBORNE. He was also involved with the trade association representing European manufacturers of synthetic fibres and the Community of European Shipyards’ Associations (CESA), before joining the European Dredging Association (EuDA) as Secretary General in April 2009. He is the co-author of two EuDA papers, presented to WODCON XX and XXI, on Blue Carbon (in the context of carbon management strategies for dredging projects). Paris participated in the project ThinkNature where he provided the input and views of the dredging industry on Naturebased Solutions.


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Articles By Paris Sansoglou

Nature-based solutions: challenge or opportunity?

Can nature-based solutions be mainstream solutions? Nature-based solutions have obvious advantages but have not been embraced at wider scale. The barriers which can hinder wide-scale application and the topic’s relevance to the dredging community are discussed.

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Reduction of SOx Emissions for Dredging Vessels (EuDA Information Paper)
Reduction of SOx Emissions for Dredging Vessels (EuDA Information Paper)
Authors: Paris Sansoglou

New IMO emissions regulations are being adopted each year. But dredging vessels are more than ships. They are work-boats and legislators must keep that in mind.

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