Dirk Luger

Dirk is a strategic advisor and senior expert in offshore and hydraulic structures, (dynamic) soil-waterstructure interaction aspects, softs soils and fluid muds with over 40 years of experience. He specialises in computational and experimental geotechnical design and analysis methods. He has worked on many international projects related to safety and integrity of (soil-) structures and their foundation in complex geotechnical conditions. He is Deltares’ representative in ISSMGE committees on Offshore Geotechnics and Forensic Geotechnical Engineering.

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Articles By Dirk Luger

Soft mud: field performance related to lab experiments, modelling and analysis of time-dependent processes affecting consolidation

Self-weight consolidation plays a major role in the creation of land using mud, the ripening of mud layers and, also, in the storage of contaminated mud and slurries in ponds.

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