Dr Bernadette G. H. M. Wichman

Bernadette is an expert in the Geotechnical Unit of Deltares where she works as a senior consultant and a leader of fundamental and applied research projects in the field of geoengineering, engineering of water defences, soft soils and tailings. Bernadette holds a PhD on consolidation of gaseous dredged material in large scale disposal sites and developed a large strain consolidation model (FSCongas) that accounts for gas generation and its feedback on consolidation.

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Articles By Dr Bernadette G. H. M. Wichman

Soft mud: field performance related to lab experiments, modelling and analysis of time-dependent processes affecting consolidation

Self-weight consolidation plays a major role in the creation of land using mud, the ripening of mud layers and, also, in the storage of contaminated mud and slurries in ponds.

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