Luca Sittoni

Luca is a Senior Adviser and Program Manager Nature- Based Solutions at Deltares and Management Team at EcoShape – Building with Nature. Before Deltares, Luca worked as a hydraulic engineer at Barr Engineering in Minneapolis, USA. Luca has a MSc. in Civil/Hydraulic Engineering from the University of Minnesota and the University of Trento. Luca is an expert in beneficial sediment use and soft sediments processes, with applications to the dredging and mining industry, nature-based solutions, and contaminated sediments remediation.

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Articles By Luca Sittoni

Soft mud: field performance related to lab experiments, modelling and analysis of time-dependent processes affecting consolidation

Self-weight consolidation plays a major role in the creation of land using mud, the ripening of mud layers and, also, in the storage of contaminated mud and slurries in ponds.

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Sustainable management of the beneficial use of sediments: a case studies review
Authors: Luca Sittoni

CEDA’s Working Group on Beneficial Use aims to inspire sediment stakeholders and practitioners by describing the importance of sediments in the context of sustainable development and sharing a curated selection of case studies.

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