J. Boone Kauffman

J. Boone Kauffman

Boone is a wetlands ecologist at Illahee Sciences International. His work centres on understanding interactions of land use, climate change and their influences on ecosystem services. This work focuses quantifying values of coastal wetlands, riparian zones and forests in climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. He contributes to the international Blue Carbon working groups and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

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Articles By J. Boone Kauffman

Study of greenhouse gas emissions during ripening of dredged marine sediment

As increasing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions contribute to global warming, it is becoming more important to consider the carbon footprint of hydraulic engineering projects. This carbon footprint is more complex than previously thought however, as it can also include the carbon dynamics of the sediments from which projects are built. The purpose of this study was to provide a first approximation from sediment-related GHG emissions of dredged sediments. Using the case study of the clay ripening pilot project (‘Kleirijperij’) in Groningen, the Netherlands, one phase of sediment processing was examined: the ripening of dredged sediments for use as a clay material in dyke construction.

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