Bas van Maren

Bas van Maren obtained a PhD in Physical Geography at Utrecht University in 2004. Since then, he has been employed at Deltares, at the Civil Engineering Department of Delft University of Technology as an expert in modelling of fine sediment transport and morphology. He has carried out studies on dredging, port siltation, water quality, and contaminated sediment transport all over the world, but particularly in Asia and the United States.


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Articles By Bas van Maren

Long-Term Effects of Maintenance Dredging on Turbidity
Long-Term Effects of Maintenance Dredging on Turbidity

Maintenance dredging is required in many estuaries worldwide to provide access to ports and inland waterways. A newly developed dredging module is able to capture the two fundamental processes necessary to model the long-term impacts of dredging on turbidity.

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