Applying early contractor involvement in marine infrastructure procurement

Complex construction projects that use traditional procurement practices are often impacted by significant cost overruns and delays. Early contractor involvement (ECI) is a concept that strives to involve the contractor collaboratively at an early stage of a project’s development to mitigate or otherwise eliminate those risks. In August 2022, PIANC published the report “A framework for early contractor involvement in infrastructure projects” to help industry practitioners in choosing and best implementing ECI. This article is intended to develop on key aspects of the PIANC report and look at the factors that can lead to a successful maritime ECI project.

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Panel session at the UN Science, Policy and Business Forum on the Environment

March 10: panel session hosted by IADC, CEDA and PIANC at the UN Science, Policy and Business Forum on the Environment in Nairobi. The UN Science, Policy and Business Forum on the Environment will convene its second global session in Nairobi, Kenya, from March 8-10, 2019 in the lead up to the Fourth Session of the UN Environment Assembly. The forum’s work is aligned with the theme of the assembly: Innovative solutions for environme

State-of-the-Art of Designing and Constructing Berm Breakwaters
State-of-the-Art of Designing and Constructing Berm Breakwaters

2003, softcover, 58 pp., PIANC, ISBN: 2-87223-138-2 Up-to-date information on the design and construction of berm breakwaters. Manuals and guidelines for different types of breakwaters and coastal structures have been issued before this time, e.g. the Shore Protection Manual (1984), CIRIA/CUR (1991), CUR (1995), and PIANC (1992). The types of breakwaters treated in these manuals and reports have mainly been conventio

Environmental Risk Assessment of Dredging and Disposal Operations

Various risk-based methods are used to assess environmental impacts from dredging and dredged material management activities.

Environmental Guidelines for Aquatic, nearshore and upland Confined Disposal Facilities for Contaminated Dredged Material

Information and recommendations regarding Confined Disposal Facilities, including the management of contaminated dredged materials.

Dredged Material Management Guide

A concise guide to support and explain the management of dredged material.

Biological Assessment Guidance for Dredged Material

A decision-making framework shows how to distinguish minimally hazardous sediments from those requiring special treatment.