Environmental Guidelines for Aquatic, nearshore and upland Confined Disposal Facilities for Contaminated Dredged Material


2002 | softcover | PIANC | ISBN: 2-87223-134-X

Information and recommendations regarding Confined Disposal Facilities, including the management of contaminated dredged materials.

The management of dredged material is a key issue when infrastructure for canals, navigable inland waterways and ports is being created. If this dredged material is contaminated, the management becomes very complicated. During recent years management techniques have been developed and these are described in The Handling and Treatment of Contaminated Dredged Material from Ports and Inland Waterways”” (PIANC 1996). Owing to the growing awareness to environmental issues, a lot of experience has been gained in the management of Contaminated Dredged Material (CDM) during the past ten years. This experience is in the fields of research, pilots and also the execution of some big projects. From this it can be concluded that Confined Disposal Facilities are a good management tool when dealing with contaminants and that all economic, engineering, environmental, regulatory and social aspects need close consideration. Thus in 1998 the EnviCom decided that it would be beneficial for the Navigational Society to form a working group on “”Environmental Guidelines for Aquatic, Nearshore and Upland Confined Disposal Facilities for Contaminated Dredged Material””. This became EnviCom 5.”