Biological Assessment Guidance for Dredged Material


2006 | softcover, 54 pp. | PIANC | ISBN: 2-87223-155-2

A decision-making framework shows how to distinguish minimally hazardous sediments from those requiring special treatment.

This guidance describes the use of biological tests of dredged material to distinguish sediments that pose minimal hazards from those that will require special handling or treatment. Increasing interest in implementing environmentally sustainable practices for developing and maintaining navigation and port infrastructure has created a need for technical guidance on a range of management issues. Responsible management of dredged material is a key element of sustainable port management. The International Navigation Association (PIANC) has provided technical leadership in developing guidance on the management of dredged material. Guidance contained in Management of Aquatic Disposal of Dredged Material”” (PIANC 1998) and “”Environmental Guidelines for Aquatic, Nearshore and Upland Confined Disposal Facilities for Contaminated Dredged Material”” (PIANC 2002) provide detailed information concerning environmental and engineering aspects of managing clean and contaminated dredged material. The guidance provided herein is the product of EnviCom Working Group 8.”