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Can a ‘Mud Motor’ of dredged sediment help enhance salt marsh development naturally?

Following the Building with Nature concept, a pilot study was conducted introducing finegrained dredged sediments as a semicontinuous source of mud into a shallow tidal channel, naturally dispersing sediment to nearby mudflats and salt marshes.

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Interview – CEO of DEME Group, Luc Vandenbulcke

‘What will “sustainability” be in ten years? Our industry needs to be prepared for that.’ Luc Vandenbulcke kicked off 2019 in his new role as CEO of DEME Group. After 21 years working within the group, with 14 of those years starting up, leading and growing the group’s offshore subsidiary, he is now heading the company’s future as it navigates the evolving processes of sustainability.

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Numerical investigation of the head and unsteady flow characteristics of a dredge pump loading high-concentration sands

The head of a dredge pump is an important performance parameter and a strongly fluctuating head may affect the operating stability of the pump unit. The IADC Young Author’s Award paper analyses unsteady characteristics of pump performance to improve control of the dredge pump.

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Published June 2019