Wang Zheng-wei

Wang Zheng-wei is a professor in the Department of Energy and Power Engineering at Tsinghua University. His group mainly works on multiphase flow mechanism and multi-field coupled analysis for hydraulic machinery, including transient analysis and optimisation of the flow passage, dynamic analysis of equipment structure, safety, and stability analysis of hydraulic machinery. Professor Wang has established cooperative relationships with some dredging companies and pump manufacturers, and was involved in the design and analysis of many dredge pumps.

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Articles By Wang Zheng-wei

Numerical investigation of the head and unsteady flow characteristics of a dredge pump loading high-concentration sands

The head of a dredge pump is an important performance parameter and a strongly fluctuating head may affect the operating stability of the pump unit. The IADC Young Author’s Award paper analyses unsteady characteristics of pump performance to improve control of the dredge pump.

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