Erik van Eekelen

Erik studied at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, where he graduated as MSc (2007) on the subject of dynamic behaviour of dredging plumes of TSHDs. He then joined the environmental engineering department of Van Oord, working worldwide on the full range of environmental aspects of their projects, such as Eco-Design/BwN, stakeholder engagement, protection of marine fauna and turbidity monitoring and management. Currently he is Lead Engineer of that department. For Van Oord he is part of the Management Team of the EcoShape consortium that develops knowledge via pilots and research on the topic of Building with Nature.

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Articles By Erik van Eekelen

Can a ‘Mud Motor’ of dredged sediment help enhance salt marsh development naturally?

Following the Building with Nature concept, a pilot study was conducted introducing finegrained dredged sediments as a semicontinuous source of mud into a shallow tidal channel, naturally dispersing sediment to nearby mudflats and salt marshes.

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