Mud waves may occur when the subsoil of a reclamation area is soft, with low shear strengths and can result in inadequate fill mass properties.

Depending on the future use of the reclamation are and the thickness of the fill, mud waves may result in inadequate fill mass properties and create a risk for structures to be built on the reclamation. Clearly preventing mud waves is may be a necessity.

Mud wave prevention

Mud waves, instabilities and /or inclusions of soft material within the fill need to be prevented if most cases. Measures to prevent mud waves include:

  • using a spreader pontoon can decrease the induced shear stress by reducing the lift thickness, making a lift of a uniform, limited thickness;
  • reduce the slope angle of the fill;
  • remove the inclusions of soft compressible materials mechanically with a hydraulic excavator;
  • surcharge areas with inclusions;
  • improve the quality of the soft materials by soil improvement techniques; and/or
  • remove poor quality materials prior to filling.

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