Before starting the filling operations at a reclamation site, a work plan should be made of the dredging, transport and reclamation activities.

Work plan elements

Such a work plan for reclamation could include:
– an inventory of all relevant contractual and technical specifications including the lay-out of the reclamation area, the required fill (mass) properties, testing and monitoring requirements, possible milestones, etc.;

  • an inventory of all relevant boundary conditions such as:
    • bathymetry (of borrow area, the sailing route of the dredging vessels, and of the reclamation area and its surroundings)
    • nature of the existing subsoil at borrow area and reclamation site
    • environmental regulations
    • navigational regulations
    • required permits;
  • availability of plant;
  • a detailed project planning;
  • a dredging plan of the borrow area (including dredging equipment);
  • a fill transport plan (pipeline, booster pump stations, trailing suction hoppers, barges, or other equipment);
  • the results of geotechnical analyses (settlement and stability of bunds and fill);
  • a construction method of the bunds;
  • a filling plan (including the plant and equipment required, the number and thickness of lifts, consolidation periods, testing schedules;
  • a soil/fill ground improvement plan (vertical drains, compaction), if necessary;
  • a monitoring and quality control plan;
  • a risk assessment including possible mitigating measures.

Work underwater or above water

Fill may be placed underwater or above water with land-based equipment or with waterborne equipment. Working methods and equipment required for these operations differ considerably and resulting densities, natural slopes, segregation, and so forth, will be different as well.

When considering various construction methods it is good to remember that the most appropriate methods usually depend heavily on the local conditions, the availability of plant, contractual requirements, and so on, and can only be selected after a careful inventory of all relevant aspects has been made.

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