Yoshiyuki Haseyama

Yoshiyuki Haseyama graduated in 2006 from Akita National College of Technology, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and in the same year joined Tomac Corporation, Chiba-ken, Japan. He is one of the younger civil engineers at Tomac and is presently working at a harbour construction site in Yokohama, Japan. His paper is based on research done to build undersea ridges west of Nagaski city to improve its over-fished coastal areas. With its national food self-sufficiency rate down to about 40%, Japan is becoming more and more dependent on imports of almost all kinds of foods. Since fish is an important staple of the Japanese diet, the economic value of securing domestic fishery resources is important to the long-term stability of Japanese society. The paper describes several efforts to enrich the local underwater food chain by using highly accurate stone-dumping techniques.

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Articles By Yoshiyuki Haseyama

Establishing a Stone-dumping Process for Constructing Artificial Under sea Ridges
Establishing a Stone-dumping Process for Constructing Artificial Undersea Ridges

Winner of the IADC Young Authors Award explains how human–made undersea ridges were used to attract marine life and boost the productivity of Japanese coastal fisheries.

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