Edwin de Hoog wins the IADC Young Author Award 2021

IADC bestowed the Young Author Award 2021 to Edwin de Hoog. The award is given annually to “stimulate the promotion of new ideas and encourage younger men and women in the dredging industry”.

Mapping water quality with drones: test case in Texel

Winning co-author Liesbeth De Keukelaere the Young Author Award, an article about the pilot test case organised at the Prins Hendrik Zanddijk project in Texel, The Netherlands, demonstrating drone technology for water quality monitoring.

Numerical investigation of the head and unsteady flow characteristics of a dredge pump loading high-concentration sands

The head of a dredge pump is an important performance parameter and a strongly fluctuating head may affect the operating stability of the pump unit. The IADC Young Author’s Award paper analyses unsteady characteristics of pump performance to improve control of the dredge pump.

IADC Young Author Award 2015

Rudy Helmons won the IADC Young Author Award at the CEDA Dredging Days 2015 conference at Ahoy Rotterdam on 6 November, 2015, for his paper “Modelling The Effect of Water Depth on Rock Cutting Processes with the Use of Discrete Element Method“.

And IADC’s Young Author Award 2018 goes to…

The International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) bestowed the Young Author Award 2018 to François De Keuleneer.


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Erosion Behaviour of a Draghead
Erosion Behaviour of a Draghead

The IADC Young Author Award-winning paper verifies the agreement between the theoretical calculations for a new toothless draghead and the real situation when the draghead is being used.

Important Engineering Properties of Geotextile Sand Containers
Important Engineering Properties of Geotextile Sand Containers

No proper design guidelines based on sound science are available for the design of GSC structures. This IADC Young Author Award paper describes on-going research which aims to remedy this.