Jarit de Gijt

Jarit de Gijt graduated in Civil Engineering from the TU Delft in 1976 and worked for Fugro from 1975 to1987. In1987 he moved to Rotterdam (Public Works) Port of Rotterdam in the engineering department and has been involved in designing, constructing and contracting for port infrastructures projects. He has been a guest lecturer since 1999 and part time lecturer since 2004 at TU Delft in the hydraulic engineering section.

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Articles By Jarit de Gijt

Feasibility Study Of The Continuous Geotube
Feasibility Study Of The Continuous Geotube

Geotextile tubes or Geotubes® have been applied in coastal engineering for shore protection and breakwaters, and have been used on land and in shallow water. A new method of filling a continuous Geotube® would allow them to be used in rough and relatively deep water.

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