Elijah Ohimain

Elijah Ohimain who is an environmental/petroleum microbiologist focusing mainly on anthropogenic activities affecting the Niger Delta wetlands including mangroves, particularly dredging, spoils management, drilling, oil spills, soil acidification, hyper-salinisation, modification of topography and hydrological regimes. Elijah Ohimain is looking at developing low cost and locally adaptable biotechnologies for wetlands restoration and management of acidic and heavy metal contaminated dredged materials. He holds a PhD degree (2001) in environmental/public health microbiology (University of Benin, Nigeria), post graduate diploma in petroleum engineering (2004) and was recently admitted for a MA degree in sustainable development in Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent, UK. In 2002, Elijah Ohimain had a postdoctoral fellowship at the Environmental Sciences Department, Wageningen University, The Netherlands to join a research group studying mangrove soils in the tropical world.

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Articles By Elijah Ohimain

Environmental Impacts of Dredging in the Niger Delta
Environmental Impacts of Dredging in the Niger Delta
Authors: Elijah Ohimain

The Niger Delta is located in the southern part of Nigeria bordering the Atlantic Ocean. It is a floodplain of over 70,000 sq km. The delta is poorly serviced by roads and is made up of meandering creeks that are highly silted up.

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