Bernd Hendriksen

Bernd Hendriksen

As a Partner in KPMG’s Amsterdam practice, Bernd has led KPMG Sustainability in the Netherlands for the past five years. During that time, he has successfully helped in driving sustainable revenues and developing one of KPMG’s largest teams of Sustainability professionals. Together with clients, Bernd is working on integrating sustainability into business strategy / decision-making by using the KPMG True Value methodology. On behalf of KPMG, he was project manager of the True Value assessments as discussed in this article.

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Articles By Bernd Hendriksen

What value does a marine contractor create for its stakeholders?

Externalities traditionally fall beyond the scope of contractors, leading to stakeholder value creation and corporate value creation being viewed as separate concepts. The time has come to internalise externalities as a force of corporate value creation.

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