Video webinar Hydraulic Fill Manual
Hydraulic Fill (on demand)

This course is of particular interest to clients, consultants, planning and consenting authorities, environmental advisors, contractors and civil, geotechnical, hydraulic and coastal engineers involved in dredging and land reclamation projects.

Webinar: Ecosystem Services
Ecosystem Services (on demand)

How to utilise the ecosystem services concept for more integrated marine infrastructure project assessments?

Video webinar Ecology and Dredging
Ecology and Dredging (on demand)

Because dredging projects impact a wide variety of stakeholders, a fundamental knowledge of the interaction of ecology and dredging is to everyone’s benefit.

Video webinar Dredging Equipment
Dredging Equipment (on demand)

Dredging Equipment: Its evolution, capabilities and importance for maritime infrastructural works.

Education webinars
Seminars, Webinars and Courses

Seminars, webinars and courses provide education for those already professionally active in the dredging industry and for those in related fields.

Video Education
IADC’s Dredging Education

To optimise your chances of successfully completing a project, you should fully understand the basics of dredging and the requirements of a dredging project. And that is what the IADC Seminar on Dredging and Reclamation is all about! IADC has , often in co-operation with local technical universities, organised this seminar since 1993 and it has been held successfully all over the world, in Delft, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Cape town, Singapore, Brisbane, Mumbai, Panama and Buenos Aires.