Seminars, webinars and courses provide education for those already professionally active in the dredging industry and for those in related fields.


  • The IADC’s Seminar on Dredging and Reclamation is presented annually in cooperation with UNESCO-IHE (International Institute of Hydraulic Engineering) in Delft, the Netherlands. It is also presented at other locations such as Singapore in cooperation with the National University of Singapore or Buenos Aires or Dubai (UAE). Lecturers at the seminar are drawn from the professional staffs at the IADC member companies who have developed a manual specifically for this course.


  • IADC has initiated a series of webinars on specific dredging related subjects. These are free of charge and can be watched live or downloaded at a later date.
  • CEDA has also developed a series of webinars on dredging technology which are often presented by professors in dredging studies from Delft University of Technology as well as other dredging consultants and professionals.

Courses and continuing education

  • A 2-day course on the Environmental Aspects of Dredging has been developed by IADC and CEDA (the Central Dredging Association) Seminar and is presented in cooperation with the PAO (Post-academic Education Institute) of Delft University of Technology. It is also available on request and has been presented at the IMO, CEFAS UK and others ).
  • The annual short course at Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas USA focuses on advances in dredging engineering technology. The course is administered by the Center for Dredging Studies located in the Department of Ocean Engineering and College of Engineering’s Continuing Education Office at Texas A&M University. The center sponsors two annual dredging short courses: Dredging Engineering Short Course and the Cutter Suction Dredge Simulator Short Course.
    The Center for Dredging Studies also actively generates reports, participates in regional, national and international dredging conferences and has a unique model dredge carriage in the Haynes Coastal Engineering Laboratory.
    The Dredging Engineering Short Course is held each year in January and includes a mixture of lectures, laboratories and discussions.
    A certificate and continuing education units are earned by attending this short course.
  • The IHC Training Institute located in the Netherlands provides a range of courses in the field of dredging for operators, technicians, project engineers and managers. Tailored to the equipment and requirements of their clients, IHC provide worldwide, local and on-the-job training. Their open courses portfolio ranges from introduction courses to specialised masterclasses. Part of the topics covered in their courses:
    • Different dredging applications within a port, e.g., maintenance dredging, capital dredging
    • Hydraulic transport of solid-water mixtures with centrifugal pumps and through pipeline systems
    • Dredging equipment types and boundaries for their use
    • Radioactive concentration meter; become a certified user
    • Dredge project management, risk analyses, dredge project phases
    • Scoping site conditions: soil characteristics, environmental aspects
    • Operator training on state-of-the-art CSD and TSHD simulators

    More information about IHC’s courses can be found here:

  • The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Learning Center provides a wide variety of courses, often produced by the Waterways Experiment Station at Vicksburg, Mississippi. These courses are held throughout the United States and are opened to Corps employees, non-Corps government employees, state, county and city employees, contractors/private citizens and foreign nationals. Registration and requirements are specified on the website.
    As part of these courses, the Learning Center has produced and continues to produce various manuals and guidance notes.
  • Dredging contractors also provide many in-house courses and programmes for their personnel.

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