Onsite AND online course ‘Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure’ in March and September

Onsite AND online course Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure scheduled for March and April 2022.

Live course Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure; 13-14 December in the UK

Learn how to achieve dredging projects that fulfil primary functional requirements while adding value to the natural and socio-economic systems by acquiring an understanding of these systems in the context of dredging as well as stakeholder engagement throughout a project’s development.

Valuing the Multiple Benefits of the Hondsbossche and Pettemer sea dunes

The Multiple Benefits of the Hondsbossche and Pettemer sea dunes, valued by IISD through the SAVi methodology

The impact and costs of Building with Nature projects

The use of nature and natural processes is an innovative way to increase water safety and create added value through nature development and recreation. This exploratory study provides an initial inventory of the impact and costs of existing Building with Nature projects in the Netherlands. It also includes an analysis of the decision-making process in choosing this type of project and identifies success factors. Building with Nature projects deliver added value but often also involve additional costs compared to traditional reinforcements. These costs give an indication of what we as a society are prepared to pay for the development of nature and recreation as part of hydraulic engineering projects.

The valuation of externalities in maritime infrastructure projects

Climate change and increasing environmental damage are demonstrating the urgency of transformation to a sustainable global economic model. The implementation of the sustainable development concept tends to narrow to integrating environmental, social, and economic concerns in the decision making. In economics, the definition of such concerns is an externality that represents the divergence between social and private costs. This study investigates the available sustainable asset valuation methods that can include the externalities materialised in maritime infrastructure projects and compares them based on economic, social and environmental criteria.

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Following on from the success of previous courses Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure, CEDA and IADC have decided to schedule another one in December 2021.

IADC, CEDA and Vital Ports present report Financing of Sustainable Marine and Freshwater Infrastructure

New: report "Financing of Sustainable Marine and Freshwater Infrastructure". How private capital can accelerate the green transition in marine and freshwater infrastructure

Applying the ecosystem services concept in marine projects

A full consideration of ecosystem services (ES) impacts, interactions and improvements can result in more sustainable and adaptive solutions for dredging and marine construction projects. Furthermore, the benefits can be translated in monetary terms, providing returns on investment and highlighting the links between ecology and economy. For some however, the ES concept is too theoretical. This article seeks to show how the ES concept can actively be applied at any point during a project and the benefits of doing so. Its purpose is to provide a framework for integrated and interdisciplinary thinking throughout the different steps of the project cycle.