The larger forces behind the drivers of change
‘The larger forces behind the drivers of change’ presentation by Julius Senn (London School of Economics Enterprise)

Julius Sen is Associate Director and Senior Programme Adviser at the London School of Economics Enterprise. His areas of responsibility include project design and delivery of executive education and consultancy programmes relating to economic and trade policy issues especially as they relate to globalisat

State of the dredging industry
‘State of the dredging industry’ presentation by Frank Verhoeven

 Frank Verhoeven is the President of the International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) and a member of various supervisory boards including Deltares, an in

The Dredging Industry

The dredging industry is a high tech, innovative maritime profession, comprised of a well-educated workforce of scientists, engineers and trained crews. It includes large, medium and small dredging companies, supported by shipbuilders and other equipment and technology suppliers.

New IADC Safety Committee & Charter
New IADC Safety Committee & Charter

Safety awareness in the dredging industry has taken a leap forward. The efforts of the IADC are part of the new safety strategy to reduce accidents and incidents to zero.