‘The larger forces behind the drivers of change’ presentation by Julius Senn (London School of Economics Enterprise)

Julius Sen is Associate Director and Senior Programme Adviser at the London School of Economics Enterprise. His areas of responsibility include project design and delivery of executive education and consultancy programmes relating to economic and trade policy issues especially as they relate to globalisation debates. His approach is to explore political management issues arising from these debates and to look at policy options to advance developed and transition economies. He also looks at business strategies and options within this context. Since 2007 he has helped develop the IADC Young Management Programme and served as a lecturer.

In his talk “The larger forces behind the drivers of change”, Julius Sen explored what lies behind the industry’s drivers and how five forces shape the way in which the drivers of change will actually operate and give us insight into the depth of the challenges ahead: demographic factors, technology and innovation, the nature of economic growth, trade and economic activity and raw material constraints. Mapping the methods and routes by which these will shape our world in five years’ time and into the distant future illustrated the complexity of the interplay of forces at work and the challenges which lie ahead.