In October 2020, IADC signed a collaboration agreement with the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC). One of the main objectives being to collaborate more, to inform each other and to share knowledge.

After a few months of collaboration, we are pleased to share some interesting FIDIC webinars and information about their annual conference with you. The webinars are free of charge and available to view by registering via the link:

FIDIC Committee Webinar Series

The relaunch of FIDIC’s revitalised committee structure last year means that FIDIC is now much better placed to make a positive impact on and widen its influence in the global infrastructure industry. To highlight some of the key areas being covered by the work of these committees, a series of nine webinars has been organised across a range of industry key issues including communications, diversity and inclusion, the use of FIDIC contracts in emerging countries, combating corruption, quality, net-zero and best business practice in a post-Covid-19 world.

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FIDIC Covid-19 Webinar Series

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected every country around the world and all industries are having to come to terms with how to cope with a crisis that has left no sector unscathed. Last year, FIDIC organised a series of Covid-19 webinars to help inform and educate the construction and infrastructure sector and bring professionals together during an unprecedented period for the industry. Thousands of people attended our events from all over the world and found them very useful in facing up to the organisational and business challenges they face.

Given that we are still living and working with the effects of the pandemic, in 2021, we have organised a further series of online events to further support the industry and those that work in it. Our Covid-19 Webinar Series 2021 will see six webinars addressing some of the key issues arising from the pandemic, the lessons to be learned and sharing best practices to benefit construction and infrastructure firms over the challenging months ahead.

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FIDIC State of the World Webinar Series

FIDIC’s new State of the World Webinar Series of reports has been launched on 18 February 2021 at an online event introducing the first report which will highlight the scale of the investment challenge facing the global infrastructure sector. In order to meet the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDG), trillions of dollars of investment will be needed in infrastructure going forward and our first report outlines the scale of the challenge facing the construction and infrastructure industry. Recognising the urgent need by most governments to kick-start the national economy after Covid-19, FIDIC’s future thought leadership reports in the State of the World series will cover the key issues of water, resilience infrastructure, net zero, smart contracting, and digital transformation. Each State of the World report will be launched as part of a webinar series, the details of which are outlined below.

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FIDIC Annual International Infrastructure Conference
12-14 September 2021

The FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference includes Federation events to gather FIDIC members and its leaders running consulting engineering associations all over the world, a special forum to discuss best business practices with chairs and vice chairs of the newly composed FIDIC working committees, and a symposium to discuss innovative and out-of-the-box perspectives provided by future leaders of the industry. The FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference also includes a conference hosted by FIDIC that provides an interactive stage where leaders, experts, FIDIC members and non-members in the industry can come together to identify and address these key questions, provide a forum for discussion and debate and offer perspectives for a way forward to enable the industry to continue to thrive in the months and years ahead. Registration to this major event is due to be opened soon.

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