Stephanie Janssen

Stephanie Janssen who graduated from Delft University of Technology in September 2007 at the section policy analysis of the Faculty Technology, Policy Analysis and Management. Her research on “partnering” was part of her thesis project for the Masters “System Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management” (SEPAM) at Delft University of Technology. This research was conducted for Royal Boskalis Westminster NV. She currently works as a junior researcher and advisor on integrated spatial development projects at the unit for scenarios and policy analysis for Deltares, a Dutch institute for delta technology.


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Articles By Stephanie Janssen

Conceptual Model for Partnering in the Dredging Industry
Conceptual Model for Partnering in the Dredging Industry

Partnering can be a tool for increasing co-operation and sustainability during high-risk maritime construction and dredging projects. A model helps to determine when and if applying partnering is appropriate.

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