Charles Hummer Jr.

Charles Hummer served as Environmental Control Officer for the Governor of the former Panama Canal Zone and as Assistant Chief of the Dredging Division, Panama Canal Company. He was later Chief, Dredging Division for the US Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters in Washington, DC, a position he retired from in 1989. He continues to act as a dredging and maritime consultant, as well as editor and writer in the field.

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Articles By Charles Hummer Jr.

The Panama Canal: A Look Back, A Look Forward
The Panama Canal: A Look Back, A Look Forward

On the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty between Panama and the United States to build a canal to connect the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the "New Panama Canal" is evaluated.

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DOER: A Major Dredging Research Programme
DOER: A Major Dredging Research Programme

A system of standards and solutions is being sought by the USACE to take into account the huge geological, meteorological, environmental, morphological and physical differences in the various US waterways and ports.

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Dredging for Development (Fourth Edition)

A new edition of this classic manual on dredging in developing countries, with new illustrations and an emphasis on environmental issues.