Caroline Roche

Caroline Roche obtained her PhD in 2004 in Marine Science from the National University of Ireland, Galway. Her PhD thesis focused on the impacts of dredge material disposal on a disposal site in Inner Galway Bay. Since then she has been working with AQUAFACT International Services Ltd., an environmental consultancy based in Galway. She has consulted on a variety of projects including dredging and disposal operations, offshore wind farms and harbour developments and specialises in assessing the impacts of human activity on the benthos.


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Articles By Caroline Roche

Dredging and Disposal at Lough Foyle, Northern Ireland
Dredging and Disposal at Lough Foyle, Northern Ireland

Is it possible for an in-site disposal area to be environmentally and economically preferable to an offshore disposal site? Real-time monitoring says yes, there are numerous benefits to the disposal of dredged material in-site.

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