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Applying early contractor involvement in marine infrastructure procurement

Complex construction projects that use traditional procurement practices are often impacted by significant cost overruns and delays. Early contractor involvement (ECI) is a concept that strives to involve the contractor collaboratively at an early stage of a project’s development to mitigate or otherwise eliminate those risks. In August 2022, PIANC published the report “A framework for early contractor involvement in infrastructure projects” to help industry practitioners in choosing and best implementing ECI. This article is intended to develop on key aspects of the PIANC report and look at the factors that can lead to a successful maritime ECI project.

Adverse physical conditions: Legal development and changes in risk profiles

In the past decade, there have been noteworthy advances in case law with respect to adverse physical conditions as well as the development and use of digital ground models that have become more widespread. This article looks at the development and changes in risk profiles that may result due to these two developments.

Valuing Variations In Dredging Contracts
Valuing Variations In Dredging Contracts

Variations are essential in dredging contracts and they have the potential to generate extra costs and pose significant delay to projects. So, what is the best way to go about reaching a fair valuation in variations in dredging contracts?